Top 5 Most Amazing Luxury Hotel Pools

Posted on May 3 2010 - 12:39pm by GJ Staff

Do you have any plans for this summer?Well,picture this!You staying near a pool like this and having your lady near you,what could be better?Can you afford to spend this vacation on any of these exotic places?It’s hard for some but very easy for others,I know,life’s a bitch,right?You can’t have it all!If you have health life is beautiful and it doesn’t it matter in what places you go as long as you are happy and also your true friend are with you.

Going at one of these hotels it’s something transient so the relaxation won’t last forever.As I said before,as long as your friends are with you,it doesn’t matter the places you go,you need to relax,you don’t need exhaustion!So if you do manage to go at one of these places let us know and share your thoughts so we can also share ours.Happy vacation!

1.San Alfonso del MarAlgarrobo, Chile

2.Umaid Bhawan Palace-Jodhpur, India

3.Hotel Caruso Belvedere-Ravello, Italy

4. Intercontinental-Hong Kong

5.Golden Nugget-Las Vegas