Ursula Stephen does Rihanna’s hair!

Posted on Aug 24 2011 - 3:23pm by GJ Staff

Rihanna hair by Ursula Stephen

Ursula Stephen makes sure that everything is right to Rihanna‘s hair and she is doing this for 6 years and more to come!

Do you have any idea on how does it costs a stylist like that?Well,the price is $2000/week for Rihanna so it’s not for any regular man!

Here you have a few tips:

On protecting hair:

"I protect Rihanna’s hair by giving her a lot of conditioning treatments. I sometimes use Motions Deep Penetrating Mask. The most important thing is to never let the hair get dry to keep breakage to a minimum. You also have to know when to say enough is enough and give it a break from the heat."

On getting red hair like Rihanna:

"Her red is so pretty but it fades so fast! So it’s so important to invest in color preserving products. Color preserving shampoos, conditioners, and daily stylers, to help keep color locked in and looking vibrant!"

On what inspires her:

"I take inspiration from so many areas in my life, many of my travels and even old movies."