Vanessa Hudgens and Zack Efron going for a walk!

Posted on Jul 6 2009 - 11:57am by GJ Staff

Photo Source:JustJared

There they are people!The most famous and mediatized hollywood stars!There isn’t one day and people start talking about these two,especially about Vanessa Hudgens.

They were spotted at Panera Bread restaurant in Studio City,july 4,2009.

It all began since those photos of Vanessa Hudgens naked were posted on the internet,sources said that Zack Efron was guilty for this issue but we don’t know that for sure..

She is doing movies(Bandslam her last movie),he is doing movies(17 again-great movie),perfect match!

Don’t the two lovers make a good couple?My question it’s why don’t they get married because we have seen them together for a few years…

P.S:Vanessa have you shaved lately in your panties?You remember those photos…