Vanessa Hudgens on the cover of InStyle Makeover

Posted on Aug 1 2009 - 12:50pm by GJ Staff

Vanessa Hudgens it’s now on the cover of InStyle Makeover.

She said:

"I’ve learned that short-short skirts are not the way to go. I went through that phase at 13, so I never need to go there again!"

Does Zac [Efron, Hudgens’s boyfriend] have any opinions about what you wear?
Well, truthfully, I wear what I want. It’s not about a guy, really — no disrespect — I’m just saying that I dress for myself. My style has evolved into something I’m proud of. Of course, I’m still changing and my style will too. That’s the fun of fashion!

Is the gym part of your morning routine?
It changes constantly, but recently I’ve been working out with a trainer at home. I’m doing an action movie called "Sucker Punch," which is going to be a lot of hard work, so I have to be ready for it. We do weights and a lot of cardio. She makes me run up and down my stairs 10 times. I have a three-story house, so it’s definitely tiring.

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