Victoria Beckam Rides A Toy Duck For Vogue

Posted on Apr 21 2010 - 5:04pm by GJ Staff

Victoria Beckam has posed for German Vogue magazine.Having a innocent face,it’s hard not to think at doing new things with her,something you’ve never done before.

She simply made my mind full with a lot of crappies.And what goes along with the duckie is the perfect position!

Victoria said:

"The legs should be cut super long, with narrow knee."

"There is nothing more unattractive than to feel bruised on the waist."

She added: "I make no compromises. I use only the best materials and fiddle eternally with the cut.

"My true passion belongs the fashion.

"On the stage, I was able to hide myself behind my four colleagues; for my designs, I am very alone responsible".