Why does this always happen?

Posted on Dec 12 2011 - 9:13pm by C Tanner

It never fails when you get a divorce, you run into you ex and it just creates a completely awkward position. This happened just recently when Demi Moore was out to eat at a private club in West Hollywood. While she was eating with a male friend, no one stated that the couple looked cozy or even slightly romantic.

That doesn’t mean when Demi spotted Ashton Kutcher across the restaurant that she may not have thought, "Why me?" But she was a good sport and went over to say hi. At the other table were Kutcher and four other people who were his friends, no names were given. The couple talked for a bit and seemed to get along just fine.

Yes there was no fighting even though just back in September they announced that they would be getting divorced because he had cheated. Most likely it was not the first time that he went outside of his marriage to look for another woman.

Maybe Ashton and Demi didn’t think it was too awfully awkward, but they weren’t the only one’s there. It had to be hard not only for the person Demi was dining with to watch, but the people at the table with Kutcher.

However, both seem to have been classy enough to talk and not raise their voices like so many other couples may have done. Both have had reports of being linked with other people already, though nothing is really confirmed.