Kate Hudson got hooked up with a $5.3 million house

Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy buys a $5.3 million house near The Pacific Ocean.What could you possibly want more?The life of an actor is very special if you know how to live it of course,and money usually mantain this to maximum speed.

A lot of actors like to cross any limits and are buried in debts in the end.Hopefully they are thinking a lot before doing a big step.

Things you should know about their mansion are the following:

– English-style home built in 1935

– Features five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a large kitchen, breakfast area, and library

– Also features a sauna, home gym, and “multiple fire places”

– Decorated with “muted pastel colors with splashes of bright greens and an abundance of florals”

– Some rooms in house feature “ornate chandeliers for subtle soft lighting and beamed ceilings”


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