The 2012 Oscars : Is Angelina Jolie Too Skinny?

 Angelina Jolie Too Skinny

The 2012 Oscars played out as the glamour event of the year on February 26, 2012 as they usually do. There was much to comment on given all the celebrities, but one story stood out above all others – is Angelina Jolie too skinny?

Jolie appeared at the show with and in support of Brad Pitt who was nominated for the Best Actor Award. She appeared wearing a beautiful black Atelier Versace dress with a side slit. She seemed confident and full of energy, but one could not help noticing that she seemed extraordinarily thin. In fact, she almost seemed frail.

The change in her appearance is startling because she was universally considered the most beautiful woman in the world when she had more body mass in movies such as the Lara Croft series. Now, the bones of her elbows and shoulders almost appear to stick out like sticks. Even her now infamous pose at the Oscars with her leg sticking out of a slit in her dress revealed a leg that was startlingly thin and not particularly attractive.

Is Angelina Jolie suffering from an eating disorder or some other health problem? It is hard to know. Of course, caring for a brood of six children certainly takes a lot of energy and may be the cause of her weight loss. This is a story that is definitely worth watching.

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