2012’s Best Dressed Men: The Blunders They Made

Fashion and style blog Esquire.com always has its photographers on the hunt for the best and worst dressed celebrities.

The Cannes film festival is one of the most colorful events in the Hollywood calendar with celebrities looking to out do each other with their dressing. Here are a few blunders which some celebrities, known for their keen fashion sense, made on their dressing during the star studded event

Guy Pearce seemed to have replaced the ‘sun’ in sunglasses with moon. Every celebrity worth their salt in Hollywood knows that you cannot wear sunglasses to a night time event and get away with it. Mr. Pearce must have learnt this the hard way after the fashion cop caught up with him in black sunglasses.

best dressed men 2012

It is said in Hollywood that you can never go wrong with a black tuxedo. Well, guess what? Ewan McGregor made sure he proved just how false this statement is. His tux had no problem at all. He managed to kill the look with his hair. Yes, his hair! A black tux should be accompanied by an equally good hairdo. To say the least, his hair was nothing close to what the suit looked like.

Brad Pitt made the list of shame with his t-shirt and suit look. There are people who would pull this look off without much trouble and Brad is clearly not one of them. The white t-shirt was a total failure. It did not fit well and was even made worse by the matching belt he had on. Brad really hit a fashion low with this one.

Alec Baldwin made the number one mistake that a man in a tuxedo should avoid. Failing to remove the label from the suit makes people think the suit is rented Alec!

We hope the stylists of the affected celebrities will pull up their socks next time!

Photo credit : Esquire

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