Vanessa Hudgens in Neutrogena Add

Vanessa Hudgens teaches you how to use the Neutrogena products, something that it’s used for cleaning your skin and having different flavors for your preferences.Basically this product it’s especially used for eliminating the clogged pores and leaving your face cleaned like it should be!

Vanessa It’s the right girl for this because her skin it’s so soft and shiny. Would you like to cream her upfit meant to use this product on her! Did you thought I was trying to say something else? Maybe or maybe not!

I wonder why did they choose Vanessa for this commercial?Is this because she has a baby doll face or maybe because she won it fairly?Anyway if I was one on the crue who made this commercial Vanessa it’s still in my top preferences.

So, Vanessa we give you an A+ for this commercial and we wish you good luck in your future activities, especially charities if you have in plan.

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