Christina Milian naked in Maxim magazine

I always liked black girls but I don’t know why..Is it because they are different,they have different mentalities and all kind of things.

Christina Millian it’s on top of my preferences not only because it’s black but she has also other qualities,shes’s damn sexy!Lately we haven’t heard a lot about her,maybe she took a vacation or something,who knows!There are certain times when you think that you need to take a break to meditate upon new things you are going to make and also some new ideas on your career.Usually everybody knows that when you need to make something that you aren’t sure about,you need to think twice before proceding…

Her success in music was huge in my opinion but she needs to release another album because it was a long time ago..Let’s say an artist releases an album,the audience enjoy’s it but that for a certain time because hey eventually get bored of it and when this happens the artist need to reflect more.So this hot pictorial it’s exclusively for her fans,to give them a boost on not forgetting her..

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