A jackpot of £100,000 changed the life of Catherine Zeta-Jones

A fine actor and a brilliant dancer is what Catherine is known for! Catherine aspired to be an actor from a young age. Because Zeta was a hyperactive child, realizing her potentials, Zeta’s mother Patricia decided to send her to Hazel Johnson School of Dance when she was four years old.


Zeta’s family came from a modest background, so it was not easy for them to manage these extra expenses. One lucky day changed their life completely to what it is today! It was in the 1980s when her parents won a whopping jackpot of £100,000 in a bingo competition which allowed them to pay for Catherine dance and ballet lessons.


Thereafter, Catherine participated in various stage acts and gained a local media attention where she won a title of junior star. She then joined a dance troop and took various trips to London where she auditioned roles in theatre and her journey to become an actor began.


Her career life started in late 90s where she gave many appearances and made debuts in various films. Her first film as a lead came out in 1998 which is- The Mask of Zorro where her work was very well recognized and appreciated. She has delivered various other amazing movies and is now known to be one of the best actors in Hollywood.


Catherine admires the bingo game even today and makes it a point to play it every Christmas with her family. She loves the 75 ball bingo game and has also learned how to play bingo online so she can enjoy the games at her own leisure.

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