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Could it be that old duo’s are getting back together again? Perhaps so, at least in the case of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. They were spotted together this past week when they were at the same wedding party. Does that mean they could again be a couple? No one is really sure, but as a couple before it is no wonder why there was still quite a bit of public displays of affection going on at this party. However, to see if more is up with this couple, you may need to wait for future attempts at catching them together.

Another couple that you may like to know about is Julianne Hough and her beau, Ryan Seacrest. This cute couple was out and having a very romantic night of it recently. It’s nice to see a couple getting along and being able to enjoy a night out without a lot of hassle. They did request a private table to offer them more peace and quiet.

While still more couples that were spotted out include the Hugh Jackman family. They enjoyed a wonderful meal at the top of the Eiffel Tower. What a great time for this family and with his career just being so great right now, this should be something they continue to enjoy for several years!

The two stars Lauren Bosworth and Lauren Conrad hung out one night in LA and had a really fun night. Enjoying plenty of drinks and the attentions of male club goers was a great time and one that had the best friends laughing it up for the whole night.

For more celebrity news and the latest in the headlines continue to read all the time. With lives that are always changing you just never know when the next thing will come up and give you a chance to share a bit with your favorites in Hollywood!

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