A New Chance at Love for Olivia Wilde

It all started back in 2011 when two stars met and fell hopelessly in love with each other. Olivia Wilde had just gone through a divorce with her husband (an Italian prince) when she met Jason Sudeikis. Word has it that they have been dating ever since, guess Jason still got game huh? And just like any typical boy meets girl story, the two are now engaged and are thought to be planning a wedding.

olivia wilde sudeikis love

Jason Sudeikis, a SNL star, reportedly proposed to Olivia shortly after the holidays. With the lovey-dovey tweets and affectionate behavior that Olivia has been displaying towards Jason, we could assume that she had always dreamt of that moment. Although no wedding plans have been confirmed yet, we all are anxiously waiting for one hell of a wedding.

Still, with Hollywood marriages lasting as short as 75 days, you really never know what could happen. Either way lets hope that Olivia Wilde and her beau Jason grown in love together and have a blissful marriage.

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