A Review Of Saint Laurent Spring 2014

This year’s SAINT LAURENT SPRING gave many fashion die-hards an insight of what to expect in 2015. Designer Heldi Slimane left a little room for fashion critics to make any remarkable comment. Top of the review was the theme song for the show. Un deux trois was the song that left many talking about the SAINT LAURENT SPRING show. The French song talked about sexual motives which, interestingly blended with the events of the show. In fact one of the attendants was overheard saying that the whole event was like an orgasm to him.


Slimane’s 2014 show was a real manifestation of the 70’s fashion trends. However, he meticulously introduced a modern fashion taste to the ancient trend. During the show, the models were spotted with ornamented jackets, tops, dresses and turbans. Slimane further entertained his guest’s with a more sexual vibe with short dress and sexy attire ice-caked the catwalk event. The show left many pundits wondering and speculating of what to expect during the much awaited SAINT LAURENT SPRING 2015 fashion show.

The best master piece of Slimane was the accessories evident on this show. The models clad platform shoes that have attracted numerous accolades from different media and expert reviews. A recent fashion finding has revealed that Slimane has drawn a lot of inspiration from the work of the late artist Heinecken Robert. The influence of of Robert art has been deeply felt in how Slimane mixes the colors and patterns of masterpiece.


Every great show has a down side. The 2014 Saint Laurent Spring had its ugly moments which mainly constituted of the dark setting of the show. It was noted that the guests kept on bumping on seats and other furniture and equipment that constituted the show hall. However, it is expected that SAINT LAURENT SPRING 2015 show will improve on the tad sadist setting.

Photo credit : Saint Laurent

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