Adam Brody and Leighton Meester a couple?

Remember when you watched Adam Brody on an episode of O.C and wondered to yourself “who could be the lucky chic?” Well, her name is Leighton Meester, you probably know her from Gossip Girl and my is she hot! So where did they meet? Duuh, on the set of their dramedy; The Oranges.

adam brody leighton meester

While most people may be fast to shun all this as pure rumors, then perhaps a vacation to exotic Bangkok and some pics showing Brody leaving Meester’s L.A home should be enough to clear off the doubts. Besides, what could this two be doing all that time? Watching reruns of O.C and Gossip Girl? I think not. Sure, the reps for these actors will always keep a tight lip even though its all too clear.

All in all, we all know how Hollywood relationships are like, One second you are all lovey dovey then the next second its all mayhem. Let’s just hope this two find happiness and joy in their new found love. xoxo

Photo credit : Henry S. Dziekan III/WireImage

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