After A New Nose, Hutcherson Now Buys A New House

After getting “his nose fixed” just a couple of weeks ago, Josh Hutcherson has procured himself a new house. The main star in “Hunger Games” has decided to buy a piece of property in Hollywood Hills. The famous mansion, commonly referred to as the “treehouse” because of its location amidst the woods has been on the market since September of last year.

It is alleged that Hutcherson bought the celebrity-pampered house for around US $ 3 million. It has been owned by a number of well-known Hollywood figures. Most recently, it was under the late Heath Ledger and his girlfriend, Michelle Williams. Another previous owner was TV hostess, Ellen DeGeneres who sold to the deceased “Dark Knight” in 2005.


The 1,861 square foot mansion is enclosed in a densely wooded 2,000 square foot compound. Although the exact price that Hutcherson coughed up is not known, the latest listings had the house at US $ 2.995 million. It definitely appreciated from the US 2 million that Ledger gave to DeGeneres.

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