After Rihanna Goes Topless, Gisele Follows Suit(less)!

It seems the battle of the nude models has begun. No sooner has Rihanna posed topless for the cover of French adult mag Lui, than Gisele follows suit, this time completely nude except for a pair of dazzling-looking heels.


The Gisele Bundchen Lui Magazine cover shows her riding a red inflatable pool toy, vaguely resembling a dolphin on heat – which is not surprising given its sexy-looking mount. The 33-year-old Brazilian model, rumored to be the highest-paid in the world, was chosen for the cover of the latest Brazil-themed issue. Inside the shots of Gisele are also very revealing. They show her apparently sunbathing in her own back yard with next-to-nothing on while she sprawls on a mattress, then playing with a garden hose, or lounging on the grass in black bikini top and thigh-high mosaic-patterned black boots. Another shot has her posing languidly before a fence in a skimpy monokini, then displaying her perky hindquarters in a pair of metallic-looking briefs. The show continues with Gisele posing as roadkill beneath a shiny black car, wearing another cutout swimsuit, and finally looking ecstatic in a green top back in the pool.


Famously dubbed The Body by Alexander McQueen, a title she inherited from Elle Macpherson, Gisele still has an amazing figure despite having given birth to two children.

After the row that ensued when Rihanna shared her nudie pix on Twitter and Instagram, the singer tried to make light of being temporarily banned from Instagram by mocking up an image of herself looking old-fashioned and matronly. Hopefully Gisele will be able to avoid the kind of censure that Rihanna suffered. So far she and her husband, quarterback Tom Brady, have maintained a discreet silence about the revealing shoot, but time will tell. No doubt she will not want to tarnish her new image as the face of Chanel No 5, taking over from Nicole Kidman.

Photos credit : Mert Alas

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