Akon sued by a lawyer for $39,000

Akon sued

If there is a celebrity who never shies away from controversy,it is Akon. Apparently Akon has been sued by a legal firm called Yoss because after accessing their legal services last year he never paid them their fee of $39,000.When Akon got rid of the case he forgot that it is a very bad idea to p*** off lawyers. That is why he is in big trouble because he has been sued by the legal experts. This is a much publicized case and they will have the greatest legal turf ever experienced.

Akon should have known better than to try and defraud a legal firm because this will be very bad publicity. The wisest thing that he can do is get an out of court settlement because not only will it save him embarrassment, it will also save him many anxious moments. This is one of the biggest cases to look out for.

Photo credit : Webworks.ro

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