Alessandra Ambrosio Xti Shoes 2016

XTI have yet landed another gorgeous model after Irina Shayk. Alessandra Ambrosio will be the face of the brand for several years to come. As of now, there is lots of hype that she will take the stake higher than her predecessor and anyone who comes after her.


The full package in Alessandra Ambrosio Xti Shoes 2016

The campaign kicks off in spring 2016 and already she has shown why she was the best candidate for the task. She is smouldering, charming and beautiful and every other lady out there will like to be her. In premiering shots, she is alongside Leandro Lima and this is an invincible duo when it comes to the modelling niche. Alessandra is stunning in platform heels, changed into lace-up sandals and then transitions to corkscrew wedges. Her demeanor, style and choice of makeup makes it easy for the ladies to choose the shoes and this is the kind of image XTI wanted when they made the choice. Alessandra will have a great 2016 no doubt about that.


Photo credit : XTI FOOTWEAR

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