Alexander Wang: The Dark Side

While watching the Alexander Wang Fall 2015 runway show it wouldn’t be impossible to imagine the models as people who would be behind the stage at a Marilyn Manson, Black Sabbath or other hard rock/goth rock show. The almost entirely black line of clothing is spell bounding for an audience that enjoys bold and striking looks. The fact that this line is dark isn’t what makes it unique, the true uniqueness lays in the reason why Alexander Wang decided to make a dark line to begin with. Wang knew that his clients were interested in wearing black and so he did was so few designers do these days, catered to his audience. Alexander Wang has not disappointed.


The dark pieces throughout the show were gothic and sultry. As you watch the show even the lighter hues such as a white cable knit sweater seems somewhat occult when paired with the sky high dark platforms which are constant with all of the outfits in Wang’s 2015 Fall line. The dark clothes had a wide range of variations between them. Some looked as though they were meant to be worn to the office and others as if they would be better suited in New York’s edgiest night clubs. Pieces such as a black leather turtle neck could easily transition between day and night.

Some pieces throughout the collection were matched almost completely during Wang’s 2015 fashion show. There is one particular outfit which is completely matched from black quilted coat to black quilted skirt and accompanied by a handbag in the exact same material and pattern. It is sometimes difficult for black to “pop” while on the runway so Wang has gone out of his way to make sure that his designs don’t fall flat. The pieces although dark in tone could easily be mixed with lighter and brighter pieces and still look striking.


From their faux greasy hair to their death defying platform shoes the models looked like gothic beauty queens. The hair styles were all dramatic and most models had their faces partially covered with the purposely styled “haven’t been washed in weeks” look. The models also had their faces highlighted to look slightly more gaunt and pasty than usual. One of the models featured in this show is up and coming young talent, the 19 year old Kendall Jenner. Out of all of the models it was the baby faced Jenner that seemed to walk the catwalk with the most ease.
Although Alexander Wang is not the first designer to generate an almost entirely black line he has certainly tapped into the dark side of his clientele and hit the sweet spot for gothic beauty. His pieces are dark and striking and this will certainly satisfy his clients and attract new customers. Wang has plays his cards right and managed to captivate his audience with this collection. Whether you are going to dress from head to toe in black or you’re just going to use a piece from his collection as a statement piece these frocks are sure to be show stoppers both on and off the runway.

Photos credit : Alexander Wang

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