Amanda Bynes Driver’s License Suspended Just in Time

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has finally pulled the plug on Amanda Bynes intoxicated, hit and run strolls through the Los Angeles streets. After the April 6th event that resulted in her drunkenly smashing into the back of a sheriff’s car that led her to send out a tweet to President Barack Obama stating that she doesn’t drink and the cop should be fired for arresting her. The new Lindsay Lohan has also been in numerous incidents since then on April 10th which marked her first hit and run offense and again on August 4th. The two events finally got to the DMV officials and her driver’s license has officially been suspended but who knows how long that’ll actually last since this is Hollywood after all.
The young, California born actress debuted her acting career in 1996 with her role on the Nickelodeon show “All That” which then opened the door to her own show in 1999 “The Amanda Show.” From there her career soared and movies with her in the leading roles quickly fired up. “Big Fat Liar,” “What I Like About You” and “What a Girl Wants” are some of her most popular movies that are mainly focused towards the teenage crowd but are still enjoyable for anyone who watches them.

amanda bynes  driver license suspended
The future for this young woman is becoming very slim as she continues to gamble with the law as well as the lives of other people. She’s taking huge risks with her career that many people believe she won’t pull out of much like the path Lindsay Lohan has gone down. She’s still a child in Hollywood that has the potential of having a long lasting, bright future but for becoming famous as a child, she’s probably feeling suffocated and devastated for missing all her teenage years. It might be the reason she’s heading down a road that only leads to a dead end.


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