Amanda Seyfried brings out her ‘bad girl’ side in Madame Figaro

You definitely know Amanda Seyfried to be one of the few ‘good girls’ in the fashion industry. But this claim has been thrown into doubts with coming out of the December 2015 Issue of Amanda Seyfried Madame Figaro. Well, after all there is the other side that you always think she is trying to suppress but it has finally come out and you will even like her more.


Bringing out the ‘bad girl’

In a black dress that runs from the neck to almost 2 inches from the heels, she pulls an explicit look that you never thought she would. She does not go stark naked but the dress has intentional breathing spots that expose part of her front thighs. The open patch at the groin is what looks like a pair of butterfly wings and she looks on the side to let it go out confidently. She is looking comfortable in it and she may be better being that kind of a model.

Photo credit : Madame Figaro

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