Ambrosio stuns in Dafiti spring 2016 campaign advertisements

Popular Brazilian brand, Dafiti has always chosen top models for its campaigns, and the latest addition to its ranks is Alessandra Ambrosio. The 2016 spring-summer look seems to borrow from the past, with Ambrosio leading a bevy of top models in showcasing the idea.


For the campaign, Ambrosio turns out in stunning bohemian looks, no doubt inspired by a desire to merge present collections with past ideas. Incredibly, the model has managed to combine a bohemian appearance with a flair that is closer to the 70’s than any other era. The final look is capped by a great hairstyle created by David Hernandez. Rodrigo Costa was involved in the makeup.

It is no surprise that Dafiti has turned the model, who has in the past been described as the future of Brazilian fashion. Ambrosio has been associated with great brands in the past and her connection with Victoria’s Secret is her most famous engagement.

Photo credit : Dafiti

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