Andreea Diaconu De Beers Jewelry Campaign 2014

De Beers Diamond Jewellers just announced a brand advertising program which is set to be launched in October 2014. It stands as a very important milestone for the jeweler. It is set to bring the grace and power of the brand to life as it epitomizes natural beauty.


The Romanian model, Andreea Diaconu gets the honor to star in the campaign. This is attributed to her elegant charm and natural beauty. The 23 year-old model was photographed by Mary McCartney to create unique images for the campaign.

Andreea has previously featured in the Versus Versace, Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren shows. She has also bagged several campaigns during the Winter season in 2014. Other than the De Beers adverts, Andreea has appeared for Chloe alongside Sasha Pivovarova. She has also played solo in photo captures for Giuseppe Zanotti and Frame Denim.

The CEO of De Beers Diamond Jewellers, Francois Delage viewed this as a great choice in effort to display their exclusive style of femininity and natural beauty in a contemporary way. Mary McCartney has also showed her pleasure in working with this iconic luxury brand. She has previously worked with this brand on the “Moments in Light” campaign. She is an established and reputable portrait photographer who has gained recognition globally for her top notch skills.

This Aria campaign will be the first of its kind in seven years, by the biggest diamond firm in the world to have a model included instead of natural elements such as flowers or rocks. With this step, it is expected that consumers will envision themselves in a more clear way. This follows the complete collection launch which includes high jewlry, watches and collection designs known as the De Beers Aria.

The Andreea Diaconu De Beers Jewelry campaign is purpoted to be a successful strategy that will meet its aims and reignite their brand. Francois has high faith in the campaign and is more than happy to collaborate with Andreea Diaconu.

Photo credit : De Beers

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