Angelina Jolie’s Love Of McDonald’s


There is no person who is more of a humanitarian as well as a wonder woman than Angelina Jolie. This woman seems to have it all, a caring husband and her adopted children that seem to love and respect her. Angelina is an amazing actress. She even donates to and supports many charitable causes and frequently visits countries that do not have a lot of the amenities that America has.

Even though Mrs. Jolie won many awards including an academy and screen actors awards for her performances but she seems to be just like the rest of us when it comes to everyday life. This woman is known to frequent the popular fast food chain McDonalds.

Angelina Jolie and her husband Brad seems to have become frequent flyers at this popular chain, as they have been spotted there many a time.You have to consider with all those little mouths to feed it would have to be easier to occasionally run thru a drive thru.

Photo credit : Crestock

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