Anne Hathaway Gets Cut

anne hathaway chops hair

Anne Hathaway has been pictured spotting a short hairdo. The actress who is currently participating in the shooting of the upcoming film, Les Miserables, was almost unrecognizable as she left The Box, a night club in London. The usually long haired brunette has trimmed her thick mane of locks to just about an inch.
Anne Hathaway chops hair from her own head and sells it to make ends meet in her role as Fantine, a poor factory employee with an illegitimate child. In this film, she ditches the futuristic architecture of “Dark Knight Rises” for the hash world of 19th century France.
Anne Hathaway also is required to lose up to 15 pounds in weight so as to play the destitute character of Fantine in Les Miserables. As she left the night club in the company of her boyfriend, the strapping actress kept her right hand to her head as if she is yet to come to terms with the new hairstyle.

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