Anne Hathaway’s Tell All Interview In Allure Magazine

In an interview with Allure magazine, “Catwoman”, Anne Hathaway reveals the extremes that she went to so as to shape up for that role as well as for her appearance in “Les Miserables”. For the latter film, she played as Fantine and had to shed up to 16 pounds so as to make a representation of the character.
The 29 year old Hathaway said that she had to do “pretty crazy” things during her diet and fitness regime. Her diet was composed primarily of radishes and hummus. The first obstacle, she says, was letting go of her beloved food – cheese.

anne hathaway allure 2012
Hathaway also delved into the hot issue of celebrities punishing themselves so as to appear perfect in specific roles. She had previously claimed that she wanted to totally experience what Fantine could have been in real life. The role of Catwoman in Dark Knight Rises had already taken toll on her already modest frame. Anne Hathaway’s full interview will be in July’s issue of Allure.

Photo credit : Tom Munro/Allure

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