Are You Tired of the Same Family Vacation? Here Are Some Great Family-Vacation Ideas You Won’t Have Thought Of!

When it comes to taking a family vacation, the majority of parents just choose something which they have done before, year after year, because they want to avoid arguments and fights. However, this results in nothing more than wasted vacation times when you could be taking your family on new adventures each year.

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Below are some great ideas to consider when planning your next family vacation.


An All-Inclusive Resort

That’s right! An ALL-INCLUSIVE RESORT! The very same ones which you used to know as being only available to celebrities or full of single people. While these types of hotels are still around, the majority of the all-inclusive hotels around the world have adjusted their offerings to not only offer more service for families but actually cater their services to families.


The benefit of an all-inclusive resort is that the only price you pay is the initial fee when you book. This means that all of the entertainment, food, drinks, and room cleaning is all taken care of by the hotel, leaving you and your family to enjoy the amenities.


If you are initially put off by the cost of one of these stays, instead of looking for another option, adjust your dates. You will find that many of the hotels offer great discounts if you travel during transition times.


A Road Trip

If you are looking for a vacation idea even more economical then look no further than a road trip which saves you the cost of a flight and gives your family a chance to bond. However, just like all vacations, the key to a seamless road trip is with planning.


Sit down as a family and talk about the destinations you want to visit and the routes which you can take to get there. A great place to start is with a best of orlando coupon from Groupon Coupons to find a hotel and then plan your activities around that. For example, look for your hotel on a map and then search for attractions surrounding it to get you all started. During your planning, be sure that everybody is aware that a road trip isn’t all movie-montages with singing and dancing, and be sure that everybody is prepared for the trip and has everything they need before getting into the car.



Just like an all-inclusive resort, the majority of parents assume that a cruise is too expensive for a family. However, if you choose the right cruise line and the right time of the year then you can pick up a  great deal on a cruise which your whole family can enjoy. For example, early in the year is a great time to take a cruise up the inner passage of Alaska, allowing you and your family the opportunity to see glaciers for a fraction of the price you were expecting.


When the times comes to plan your next family vacation, don’t’ stick with the tried-and-true and, instead, try out one of the options above and enjoy some new adventures with your loved ones!

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