Atelier Versace Spring 2016 Campaign

It is all about the ladies in Atelier Versace Spring 2016 ensemble but this time it is more than being a trendy lady or the attention seeker. Versace is glorifying every curve in a woman’s body with the ready-to-wear collection. It is keeping in line with what Donatella started: taking a slant towards urban feminism that the line has become synonymous with.


What is in Versace spring 2016 basket?

This collection moves away from the notion of a woman as rock-star candy at arm to giving ladies the power to shine in their bodies. It is showing off the athleticism in every lady and not what has become popular that a woman wears to impress men. May be the Rio Olympics coming in August was the reason for such an early move into athletic wear. Whatever the reason it is that informed Versace to make such a move, it was the right choice since the pieces will virtually fly from the shelves.

Photo credit : Versace

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