Attack On Titan Final Arc Will Be Far Less Violent Than Expected, Series Director Confirms

Attack on Titan is considered one of the most popular anime of the modern generation. With its first episode airing just over a decade ago, the anime has grown in popularity because of its immense world development and its action-packed story. The manga of the series ended in 2021, and the final season of its anime adaptation is yet to air.

Attack On Titan
Attack On Titan Promotional

Attack on Titan is also known for being way too gory as well as violent when compared to the other anime of the same league, however, the director of the series,
Yuichiro Hayashi has revealed some other plans for the final season.

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Attack On Titan Director Has Something Else In His Mind For Final Season

Hayashi has revealed how he has thought of an inconvenient way of delivering the final season to the audience. The series at this point has become infamous for not having a definitive final season, however, many fans believe that Season 4 Part 4 will finally end this trend.

The director also disclosed how he finds it hard to accept that the series is finally coming to an end. And in an attempt to make it more interesting for the watchers, he has decided to go a little off the track regarding the finale. He revealed how he is planning to make the viewers use more of their imagination while watching the season, intriguing and reeling them into the series for one final time.

Attack On Titan Director Hayashi
Attack On Director Going Off Track For Final Season

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Development Of The Story So Far

With the release of Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3, the anime series has managed to catch up to Chapter 134 of the manga, which is awfully close to the final
Chapter 139.

The above fact has given fans hope that the anime might actually be coming to an end this time around, and they might not get tricked into another final part of the final season, which is what has happened in the past few years.

Attack on titan final season thumbnail
Official Trailer Promotional For The Attack On Titan Final Episode

Nonetheless, the director’s opinion on how the final season should be can be a topic of concern to some people, and while it may be a relief to some as it will be something new from the usual gore and violence usually shown in the franchise, others might end up thinking this is not the right way to go.

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