Awesome Performance of Charlize Theron Playing In Dark Places Movie

Critics have said and we must really agree that Charlize Theron playing in Dark Places movie is really stunning. This 2015 movie that starred her as main character Libby Day, as well as others like Christina Hendricks, Chloë Grace Moretz and Nicolas Hoult was filled with hardcore drama that may make the faint hearted not able to rest on their seats.


The plot of the movie is about how her mother and sisters were murdered in a evil cult and she was the sole survivor. She then testifies in the movie against her brother. But when you think that she would finally be in piece 25 years later a group of amateur investigators think that her brother was innocent and want to investigate. They then start to make her questions and have her revive the gruesome scenes and events of 25 years ago.

Watch Charlize Theron playing in Dark Places movie and see how this drama unfolds. Be prepared to be intrigued, make your guesses and think that you really know who the real murderers were. Was it really her brother? Or was it someone else?Charlize Theron fans can now watch one more great piece of work by one of their favorite actresses. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Anyone that also wants to read the book which the movie was based on can grab a copy of Dark Places by Gillian Flynn and get to peek into the same movie scenes from a different perspective. Be ready for the thrill of a lifetime as the story is depicted in its most spicy details.

Many people have also bought the book as a result of having seen the movie and it’s great to see how Charlize’s interpretation of the character contrasts to that of the book. But don’t forget to watch Charlize Theron playing in Dark Places movie.

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