Bam Margera Cuffed in Airport

Bam Margera, professional skateboarder, daredevil and member of America’s much loved MTV show “Jackass” was handcuffed and escorted to a holding cell at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina on Sunday.
After numerous profanities being shouted while waiting to board the plane, Bam Margera refused to get on the flight. He continued to get louder and even more obnoxious all while reeking with the smell of alcohol which prompted the authorities to be called to place him in a holding cell. After several hours, Margera was released and allowed to catch another flight. He states that he wasn’t drunk at that moment but he had been drinking the night before he was supposed to catch the flight. If your stench is that severe from the night before then that should be a sign of a drinking problem.

More than likely his statement isn’t correct, he’s simply trying to not appear as an alcoholic for the media. Either way, if he was drinking that morning or heavily the night before, he could use some therapy especially after the drunken car crash that left his friend and co-star, Ryan Dunn dead little over a year ago.

bam margera cuffed
The entire “Jackass” crew is known for their risky stunts and crude behavior and it looks like their personality doesn’t change too much off the set. While we find humor in their erratic feats and behavior on film, seeing people do these stunts and act the way they do would be seen as ignorant and obnoxious to everyone in person.

It’s never acceptable to be intoxicated in public places unless you’re at a bar and even then you’re more than likely going to be kicked out. Even if you’re famous, it’s no excuse either to think you’re able to get away with any bothersome behavior that the average person is arrested for.

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