Bear Grylls gets canned

bear grylls fired

The man made famous by drinking his own urine, host and star of the show ‘Man vs. Wild’ has been fired by the Discovery Channel. The network has cited contractual disputes as the reason for this seemingly sudden action.
The Network and Grylls have not been strangers to disputes before though. It has been rumored that they have been arguing over two unannounced projects which were included in Grylls’ contract with discovery.
Whatever the case is, it must have been a powerful one, because the Discovery Channel has said they have terminated all products that he was involved in. This may mean the end of the ever-popular show that Grylls hosted, with an estimated 1.1 million viewer average for each episode.
Man vs. Wild premiered on the Discovery Channel in 2006 and has gained and retained popularity since then. As of right now, nobody knows what will be happening next for Bear Grylls.

Photo credit : Martin Pope/The Telegraph

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