Beauty and the Nerd

Taking a look at the current ads and infomercials, it does not take a brainer to figure it out; sex sells big!! And as Rafaeli locked lips with a nerd in the Go Daddy superbowl commercial this fact could not be any clearer.

In an attempt to demonstrate Godaddy’s convenient combination of sexy and smart, Godaddy might have just gone a bit too far. In the commercial, Rafaeli makes out with a nerdy tech guy in slow motion, as if the whole thing isn’t sickening enough. Apparently, it took 65 takes to get the kiss right, goes to show how unnatural and uncalled for the whole make out session was.
bar rafaeli kissed nerd

Although this “passionate” version will not be run on the Sunday’s game (Thank God), the attention and disgust expressed by majority of people should communicate to Godaddy that it is not always about sex.

Meanwhile, a hot blonde kissing a nerd remains the most trending topic in social networks, and as they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. I guess Godaddy got what they wanted in the end.

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