Beauty Upkeep Tips For The Active Among Us

When it comes to staying young and beautiful, a little effort is always needed. We know that you’re young and beautiful in the first place, but sometimes the act of maintaining your beauty can help emphasize this fact to you more conclusively. For those of us who enjoy staying active, our overall health is quite important to us. This can inform our beauty, and in turn this can give us the self-respect and pride necessary to keep maintaining our health. Think of this as positive reinforcement loop, and it’s part of why living a fit and healthy lifestyle has benefits that extend beyond the current borders of positivity.

For the active among us, sometimes alternate beauty tips apply. We hope to further explore these in our article, as they should provide a good backing to stay satisfied in your looks for longer.


Take Care Of Your Skin


Whether you weightlift, run in the cold weather, row hard on the lake and rivers near your home, or a combination of these, sometimes your skin can become chapped and slightly damaged. It’s not hard to imagine why, as the stress on your body is a little more than most people experience. For example, after a cold run, it’s not rare to wonder ‘why is my face so dry?’ We’d recommend keeping watch against dry skin with moisturizers, preferably those with a neutral PH that treat and kiss the skin as opposed to irritating it.


Moisturizing is a great place to take care of your skin, but what about other areas of your body? Stretch marks often occur as a result of growing from exercise, particularly if you’re trying to gain muscle mass from workout out hard. You can purchase stretch mark cream from most retailers to treat your problem areas as they become pronounced. You can also take ice baths or cold showers to prevent the skin from being damaged, as this therapeutically can close up the pores and act as a post workout therapy.


If you do anything which requires gripping a bar or platform, such as climbing, weightlifting, gymnastics, rowing or any other activity such as these, often you can gain calluses on your palms. These occur in response to the stress of the pulling exercise, much like a guitarist’s fingers will become blistered. However, if you continue to drag stress on your palms, your hands can tear and this can put you out of action for a period of weeks, let alone the pain you must endure alongside that.


Always placing the bar on top of these callouses, especially when pulling can help you maximize how useful the calluses are. If the bar is in a fixed position and not over the palm, then no bar drag occurs, and this means your hand health is well taken care of. You can also apply blistering creams to your palms and continually wash your hands to free them of any bacteria, allowing you to grip things with all your might for the foreseeable future.




Living a fit and healthy lifestyle is often begun with the idea of improvement. Either you hope to look your best, hope to become your best, or desire to see what your best even looks like. It’s not as if people get up early in the morning and head to the gym for a number of hours for the fun of it (maybe partially, but not totally.) They hope to see results at the end of their hard work. While health improvement is the biggest and best motivator, often your personal aesthetic is a prized possession also.


As you grow into the person you have pictured, sometimes it can be hard to see the progress you’ve made. In order to upkeep a lifestyle like this, you often are always looking for the next thing, or the next platform you can reach. This can mean it’s easy to forget the progress you have made already. If you’re hoping to stay on the right path, and not veer into being overzealous about your health, it’s important to sit back and truly observe the progress you have made.


Take progress pictures often. Record your fitness thoughts in a diary. Also, and most importantly, accept who you are and what you look like. Perfection does not exist, but the perfect you can exist. Funnily enough, they only come when you accept them however. Acceptance is not something freely given of course. It has to be earned. Even if you’re not at your current ideal weight, if you’re in the gym three times a week, are dieting and are doing everything in your power to make yourself healthy, you are perfect. You are the perfect version of yourself, because you have your priorities and self-love in order. Remember, the journey is often the best part and not the destination.


This also means learning to accept your flaws. No professional bodybuilder is 100% happy with their body. No supermodel is for that matter. However, accepting your flaws allows you to be a lot more comfortable and happy in who you are, and this can prevent you from chasing some ethereal standard you hold in your mind. As long as you are keeping up with your daily efforts and keep them well leashed from a rational perspective, you can avoid overdoing it and falling victim to body dysmorphia, which often affects those interested in a fit and healthy lifestyle.


Mental Health


Your mental health is important to stay beautiful believe it or not. People can tell when you’re stressed, unhappy or irrational. It broadcasts itself. Spend each day in meditation for a period of time comfortable to you. Go outside of your comfort zones, and stay social. A fit and healthy person is beautiful, but only if they attend to the responsibilities of their mental health. If you can do this, you’ll find that not only does your entire being come together, but your positive state will come through your eyes like sunbeams.


With this alternate beauty advice, the fit and healthy person will have everything to celebrate, and feel so much more stable in the comfort of their personal appearance that self-consciousness should erode and vanish.

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