How to Become a Croupier

The desire to travel tops a lot of people’s “to do” list. One of the obstacles preventing people from more travel is the expense. This one aspect of travel has given rise to a large number of travel blogs and articles giving details on how to the see the world inexpensively. A recent blog post, The Ultimate Guide to Traveling When You’re Broke is a good example; George Takei even reposted it to his Facebook page. One of the tips was to find work in areas that you wish to visit. Finding work in a casino was one of the suggestions; in fact working in a casino is a frequent suggestion. The employment opportunities at casinos run the gamut in terms of types of jobs. One of the most in demand positions, and one that most often comes to mind when thinking of a casino job, is that of a croupier.


Many people think that croupiers are only found at craps tables and at games like chemin-de-fer, mostly because those particular games use sticks and pallets, but actually a croupier is any person that runs a table game.

Casinos are now found virtually everywhere in the world, which means that trained dealers can often decide on a country where they would like to live and be able to find work. However, before striking out to the Philippines or another one of the major casino areas with plans of finding work as a croupier, you need to understand what the job entails

Being a dealer

While it may look relatively easy, dealing any casino game requires a broad skill set. The dealer is the representative of the casino and must offer a pleasant gaming experience to the player. The dealer is also required to accurately and expertly handle cheques (chips). Cheques are worth real money and both the players and the casino expect you to be precise. Dealers are expected to know the rules of the game, be able to handle disputes, deal accurately and quickly, and remain calm even when faced by unruly or irate players.

The first question you will be asked when applying for a dealing gig is “Do you play the game?” Most casinos will not consider anyone for a dealer position that does not play the game. This is not because the casino hopes to win back the dealer’s paycheck (most dealers are not allowed to play in their home casinos); rather they want the dealer to know what the players expect from a pleasant and well run game.

Training is not easy, requires a substantial time commitment and is often fairly expensive.



Casino schools

Logically, casino dealer schools are most often found in areas where casinos are prevalent. The schools can sometimes be found in areas that border casino markets, but lack casino, and even any areas that have little if any casino connections. These schools will usually train you on all of the games, which provides a nice edge when you look for employment. Most casino schools are reputable, but be sure to check the references prior to enrollment. The best ones also help you with job placement.

The typical course lasts from six-to-eight weeks, depending on the games being taught and which games the students wish to specialize in. If you want to learn poker or craps in addition to the other casino games plan to spend another six-to-eight weeks in school.

Casinos themselves often run their own in-house dealer training. The training can last from just a couple of weeks to over a month. The bigger casinos will often pay you for the time you spend training. Unlike independent casino schools, casinos usually train only for the dealer positions that are most needed at the moment. This training is usually offered by casinos that are opening in areas that new markets or that are not close to any other casino. The World Series of Poker operates a dealer school a couple of months before the WSOP to train dealers specifically for the event.

Casino Party Companies

Companies that host private casino events for corporations, individuals and as fundraisers are another great training resource, especially if you live in an area without casinos. While these companies aren’t hosting games for real money, they strive to create the atmosphere of a real casino. The rules and the procedures are the same as in a “real” casino. They usually start players at blackjack and then begin to teach the more complex games.

Online dealer schools

Online dealer schools continue to grow. Most provide the same basic materials as the brick and mortar schools, but it is up to the individual to practice the physical mechanics of the game; pitching cards, handling chips, shuffling, etc.   The online schools are best for learning the rules of the games, the mechanics of dealing the games, and how to handle specific situations.

Most countries and states require dealers to pass an extensive background check in order to get licensed to deal. Even when the government does not require a license, the casinos seldom trust someone to handle trays full of negotiable chips without conducting a thorough background check. Even if you are sure you can pass a background check, it is a good idea to run one on yourself to insure there are no errors.

Once armed with your certificate from your school, the next step is applying for the job. Dealing in a casino requires that you pass an audition. Occasionally the audition will be with live players, but most often your “players” are fellow dealers and pit bosses.

Another alternative


Due to the rise of online casinos and advances in technology, especially in mobile, there is another area for those that wish to work in the casino industry as a dealer. Now longer is the online game a solidary pursuit and jobs like being a live dealer at While you will be working in a studio rather than a casino, many of the skills required for brick and mortar casinos are still valid. Additionally, online live dealers must be personalities as well. This dealers are expected to provide commentary on the game in progress, point out recent big winner, provide game tips and information to new players, and help ensure that players now such things as when they betting window for a particular hand or game is about to close.

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