Being Flynn might be something brilliant

being flynn poster 2012

Being Flynn was released at theaters in the United States on 2 March 2002. Based on a true story, it follows the life of Nick Flynn (played by Paul Dano from ‘Little Miss Sunshine’) after his eccentric and distanced father Jonathan (played by Robert De Niro) makes contact with him at random.
After loosing his mother, Nick is struggling to cope with the difficulties in his life. He just started with an amazing woman, Denise (played by Denise Thirlby from ‘Juno’) and the very last person Nick wants to see at the moment is his father.
Over the course of this dramatic story about fate, Nick slowly comes to the realization that he cannot outrun the path that has been chosen for him. Reconnecting with his lost father might be the only way for Nick to get his life back to normal and it just might be the only way to help Jonathan too.

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