Believe in Marks’ Magic and Spencer’s Sparkle!

This year Marks and Spencer have launched their Christmas campaign with a stunning TV ad, referencing movies like Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, the Wizard of Oz and Aladdin – all seasonal panto fare. M&S have been struggling to compete in the fashion arena for some time, and this latest showcase for their clothes relies on traditional Christmas magic and sparkle.


Rosie Huntington-Whitely is the lucky girl to disappear down the rabbit hole and join in the tea party – or whiz off to Oz, get lost in the forest or fly on a carpet, depending on which portion of the ad you view – while David Gandy plays the handsome male lead. Helena Bonham-Carter weaves her usual quirky magic, and there is a cute dog doubling as Dorothy’s ‘Toto.’ There is currently a Twitter campaign to name the little fella – should it be ‘Magic’ or ‘Sparkle’?

The story moves seamlessly through various fairytale scenarios and is likely to enchant viewers of all ages. With music recalling a Danny Elfman soundtrack, and a slick and glossy cinematic style, the ad features not just clothes but festive fare and tableware too. You can view more M&S videos on YouTube, including tips on how to dress your Christmas table, carve a turkey and decorate your tree. Helpful hints, but clever marketing too, making the goods look so attractive you will want to beat a path through the fake snow to your local store.

The Marks and Spencer Christmas 2013 Campaign had its first showing on November 9th, during an ad break in Coronation Street. It is going to take some beating. The obvious rival is John Lewis, whose animated ad features a hare and a bear in a Disney-style forest. But despite the catchy song by Lily Allen it just doesn’t seem to have the same magic as the M&S campaign, let alone the sparkle.

Photo credit : Marks & Spencer

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