Bella Thorne talk’s ‘Perfect High’ with Elle Canada May 2015 issue

Bella Thorne, the young actress/singer graced the cover of Elle Canada and talked about her role in ‘Perfect High’ and how she feel’s about the character she plays. The new lifetime role has given new heights to Bella Thorne acting career. In this movie she will also be joined by “Israel Broussard, Daniela Bobadilla and Ross Butler” (her band of friends). The actress expressed her thoughts freely saying “you’re not a bad person because you get locked into something stupid’. Bella plays a young high school dancer (Amanda) who started using pain killers because of an injury she received but was later tricked into using heroin and got addicted.


In the magazine Bella also says that “If you close your eyes and think that bullying and drug abuse are not issues for your kids or your best friend–you’re wrong”. These issues have been existing in the lives of most young teens and to turn a blind eye will never solve it. In the issue of Elle Canada, Bella stated that being in this movie felt surreal. If she could state this from just playing a role, imagine the life of those who have to live it. As she said before, the issues which surrounds us should not be ignored. It’s nice to take some advice every once in awhile.

The actress was not afraid the express her views on what she thought. Saying “Honestly, I know some people are going to trash me”. People aren’t always going to agree with everything but that shouldn’t keep us from saying it. Bella deserves props for speaking up and letting her views be heard. The 17-year-old actress is surely getting into the more mature roles as she’d like, with this one. This issue of Elle Canada will surely present something of interest and look out for ‘Perfect High’. The May issue hits stand April 13.

Photo credit : Max Abadian/ELLE Canada

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