Betty and Luke

Have you heard of the love story between Betty Balls and Luke Pants yet? If you do not know these two iconic characters then we are going to introduce them to you. Luke Pants made his apparition in the bingo rooms at in the early days of 2014 to the surprise of all players. Let us paint the picture of how Luke Pants looks; Luke is not a human being like us nor is he any other type of animal or insect. In fact Luke Pants is a purple bingo ball dressed in pink pants with red hearts pattern. This is his own unique style of dressing which you will find nowhere else except at Lucky Pants Bingo.


Luke Pants has been blessed by the gods of bingo, and thus he was bestowed with a few super powers that he has put to good use in the bingo room. Luck Pants is very generous and friendly, and once he is in a bingo room, he usually gives out free cards or free spins randomly to players. He also gives out points or bingo bonus, and performs quizzes and trivia, as well as is the host to special events in rooms where he entertains the players while making use of this super power. Luke had all the ladies after him, when he showed his dancing moves, however he longed for a partner and even though he was surrounded by most players who adore him, he still felt lonely.

This was soon to change when Luke Pants fell under the spell of the beautiful Betty Balls in her frilly and yellow knickers who is another amazing and iconic character of Lucky Pants Bingo. His heart skipped a beat, and it was love at first sight for Luke. This feeling was reciprocal from Betty’s side as well as she fell for his charisma and handsomeness. On the 14th of February 2014, Luke gathered all the courage that he could, to put forward his feeling to Betty on the special day of St Valentine’s. As all players were expecting, Betty blushed while listening to the love declaration and serenade of Luke honouring her, and she finally agreed to be his girlfriend. It was the beginning of a beautiful love story, and since then they have been a happy couple at Lucky Pants Bingo.

Together as a lovely couple, the two famous characters are still regularly found roaming around in the various bingo rooms found at Lucky Pants Bingo, to the delight of the players as they know that when these two lovebirds are in a room, they are surely up for some cheekiness while showering freebies during chat games or just randomly sharing their love with players by offering other prizes. At Lucky Pants Bingo, you never know when and where luck might find you or your day might guide you when you are wearing your lucky pants. Betty and Luke are looking forward to take their relationship to the next level, and if you want to know more about these two luckiest ball around and catch up on what they have been up to late, you know you can find them around at Lucky Pants Bingo.

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