Beyoncé Launching Rise Fragrance in 2014

After Pulse and Heat, Beyoncé is launching Rise fragrance. The animated film, Epic, in which she voices a nature spirit called Queen Tara, features her song ‘Rise Up,’ and the new perfume echoes the movie’s theme of ‘We’ll fight and together we’ll rise.’ The message of the song is for women to reveal their inner strength and rise above life’s difficulties, supposedly inspired by ‘Still I Rise,’ Bey’s favorite poem by Maya Angelou.


The new surprise album released by the star in mid-December has been selling like hot cakes on iTunes. The videos for this ‘visual album’ show the star confidently strutting her stuff in various dramatic contexts: fun-loving on a roller coaster or with kids at Christmas, swathed in flowing black chiffon, slinky in leopard spots, parading in a beauty contest or protesting amidst urban decay.

Rise perfume is an aromatic testimony to female empowerment and comes in a slim gold bottle in the shape of a squared-off pillar, with a bunch of crystals on top. The scent is described as ‘intoxicating, sexy and sophisticated’ by Coty. The floral notes include gold symphony orchid, freesia and jasmine, teamed with bergamot, apricot and iced basil sorbet. This sweet treat is tempered by base notes of autumnal woodiness, musk, vetiver and cashmere. It was developed by ‘nose to the stars’ Loc Dong, who has also produced signature scents for Danielle Steel and Mariah Carey, as well as for fashion houses such as Calvin Klein and Armani. He describes the new Rise fragrance as ‘bold and playful.’

It is likely that this new fragrance will sell just as well as previous ones in the Beyoncé range. Pulse and Heat have already grossed over $400 million – the biggest-selling celebrity perfume range ever. Rise will go on sale at the beginning of February and will be available as 15, 30 and 50 ml Eau de Parfum, together with a range of body care products.

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