Beyonce Lips Sync Controversy

During the public inauguration of President Barrack Obama, superstar singer Beyonce got to perform the National Anthem. Her performance was flawless and her voice seemed to have an awe affect on all the guests in attendance. One could say that the performance was beyond perfect.

beyonce lip sync

According to the latest magazine and newspaper headlines, it seems that Beyonce could have lip synced the performance. Photos and videos of her performance have been released on various media websites to show proof that the star was indeed lip syncing. Media sources also claim that the marine band was merely playing their instruments for show.

The entire issue has brought to light other performances done by the star in which she was accused of lip syncing, in particular her performance with Hugh Jackman at the Oscar awards held in 2009. Beyonce is still making headlines as more and more media houses continue to look at her near perfect performance with great scrutiny.

Photo credit : Getty Images

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