Beyonce Topshop Street Wear Line Coming Fall 2015

Beyonce announced a partnership deal with Topshop on Monday October 27th to develop a streetwear brand of athletic clothing. It is set to launch globally by Fall 2015. The clothing line will be found not only in Topshop, but in other retail locations as well. They are already in conversation with big wig retailers like Nordstrom, where they sometimes operate Topshop and Topman in-store shops to draw in a younger clientele. Hudson’s Bay in Canada operate similar in-store shops as well.


Pop goddess and serious businesswoman, Beyonce noted her excitement to work with the Topshop development team. She’s a big fan of Topshop’s pieces and can’t wait to get to work on a technical and fashion based collection. This isn’t the first time that Beyonce has been involved in the fashion world however. Ten years ago, she launched House of Dereon, which she had established with Tina Knowles, her mother. The line was named after her grandmother, Agnez Dereon. She also had a junior line, but that has since discontinued. Doesn’t this women ever get tired?

The now thirty-three year old singer, Beyonce, is sure to lend her previous apparel experience to better her collection with Topshop. The collection will include everything from clothing to assessors and footwear for women. While Topshop owner, Sir Phillip Green, and Beyonce came together to form the business Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd., no one has decided on a brand name as of yet.

Topshop regularly associates itself with celebrities to bring in good business. Past collaborations included celebrities such as Kate Moss and Kate Bosworth. Topshop intends to treat this partnership differently than celebrity deals they had in the past. Sir Philip Green spoke to Women’s Wear Daily and said that, “This is not a collaboration.” The partnership will be about building an individual brand with its own overhead and offices. The partnership is a 50-50 venture. A whole new staff of designers and creative directors will be hired to oversee the production of the line.

Fashionable activewear is a rising contender in the retail market, and Topshop recognizes the influence that Beyonce’s collection may have in establishing them as an authority in that area. With 19 million followers on Instagram to Topshop’s 3.2 million, Beyonce is certain to draw a crowd. The collection will be designed to be both functional and fashionable.

You might think that someone who hits number one on Forbes Celebrity 100 list would don more lavish wears that are inaccessible to the average consumer, but you would be wrong. Beyonce is more down to earth than most celebrity starlets that have seen her fame and fortune. She is often spotted rocking affordable clothing that both you and I could obtain.

Beyonce signed a deal in the summer of 2013 with H&M to be the face of their international fashion retailer company. It isn’t entirely clear if or how this venture with Topshop will effect Beyonce’s relationship with H&M in any way.

If the line is successful enough, Topshop is considering creating a mini pop up shop within their regular locations that is exclusively dedicated to the streetwear line. Personally, we can’t wait to see Beyonce’s Topshop street wear line in stores soon.

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