Bingo: The Celebrity Game

Bingo is one of the most popular games played around the world. Today, a number of celebrities have taken it on. Although most of them certainly don’t need the money, the great majority still play mobile bingo for the love of the game. In the U.K., in fact, a number of stars count on Bingo as their favorite pastime.

One such fan is Vic Reeves. This eccentric celebrity is so into Bingo that he currently doubles up as the spokesperson for 888Ladies (an online Bingo gaming venture). On the ads for 888Ladies, Vic gets home, dresses up in drag and prepares to immerse himself in this wonder with other ladies.


Another celeb who is into Bingo is Robbie Williams. This pop star is widely known for his penchant for the game. Some time back, he even entered into a competition in Hollywood to play Bingo. Due to his participation, he won a leopard skin handbag which he donated to charity in support of breast cancer research.

David Wheater, who plays for the Middlesbrough football team has also gone on record as saying that he enjoys the occasional round of mobile Bingo whenever he is at home with his long-time girlfriend.

Interestingly, comedians have not been left out of this craze for the game. Ricky Tomlinson, who is famed for his role as Jim Royle in The Royle Family is so into Bingo that he has even gone so far as releasing an interactive game on DVD. In the release, he voices the various callers in the game, giving a uniquely identifiable and humorous style to five callers.

In the UK, Bingo is so powerful that even members of the royal family often play it for fun. Prince William, for instance, was recently spotted dishing out 5 pounds on the game. The Queen is also a fan, although she keeps her playing habits private.

Other celebrities who love Bingo include, but are not limited to U.S. President Barack Obama’s step-mother and movie star Russell Crowe. With such a great interest in the game, it is not surprising that mobile Bingo has grown in popularity even among ordinary folk.

If you want to give the game a try in the comfort of your own home and using your phone, try  today and enjoy the fun that comes with playing mobile bingo.

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