Blake Lively is CinemaCon’s ‘Breakthrough Performer of The Year’

Blake Lively

                            Photo Credit: Wenn

Blake Lively was nominated at CinemaCon as ‘Breakthrough Performer of The Year’,held at Pure Nighclub in LA.This was possible due to her role in movie ‘The Town’,along with Ben Affleck.

She talks also about her role in ‘The Green Lantern’:

“My bodyguard, who is six-seven and very serious and doesn’t speak much, pulled me aside — I thought it was a security matter,” the Gossip Girl star shared.

“He said. ‘You have to be sure your hair is brown.’ I said, ‘Yeah, I would assume so but we haven’t done it.’ He said, ‘Please trust me, make your hair brown. I don’t want the responsibility of fan boys attacking you at a convention,’” Lively said.

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