Blake Lively talks about “The Town” movie

Blake Lively said that her sex scene is a bit "awkward" and "unromantic" in the movie.

"Everybody is like, ‘There’s a steamy scene and I’m like, ‘Really? You have a very dark life that I don’t want to ask you about!’" Blake Lively said.

"It’s awkward, it’s unromantic and it’s also very tragic in a lot of ways because these are two people that hate each other and they’re stuck in this rut."

"It was my first day of shooting and if that’s not an ice breaker I don’t know what is?!

"It wasn’t there to be a gratuitous sex scene for the trailer or to get guys to watch this movie, it’s actually a turn off for the audience, everybody around and for us."

Why does he calls it "awkward" and "unromantic" ?Is just a movie!She doesn’t have feelings when playing in it so she shouldn’t comment upon that.

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