Bobby Brown Takes A Walk Down the Addiction Road

Bobby Brown, ex-husband of the well-known Whitney Houston admitted himself into rehab for his ongoing alcohol abuse. His number one priority when making that decision was to be here for the sake of his four children and since he realized that controlling his addiction was going to be impossible on his own, he checked himself into a treatment facility. It is higly recommended to go to addiction treatment in Tx,it can do only wonders.
Bobby Brown has a long, ongoing history of drug abuse but his addiction of choice has been alcohol since a very young age. Brown’s addiction to alcohol grew drastically after the breakup between him and Janet Jackson and later soared through the roof after the marriage to the drug consumed Whitney Houston. Since the pair met, the drug abuse spiraled on both ends. Brown quickly became addicted to crack, cocaine, heroin and his marijuana use sky rocketed. After their divorce in 2006, all of Brown’s drug addictions ceased except for his abuse of alcohol.

bobby brown
During his marriage to Whitney Houston, Brown faced many legal problems that continued to grow for years. His most well-known incident while driving under the influence was in 1996 when he led police on a high speed car chase which resulted in him crashing Houston’s car. His most recent arrest was on March 26th, 2012 after police pulled him over for using a cell phone while driving. He ended up being taken into police custody with a DUI.
Even at a young age, Bobby Brown was always in trouble with the law. He faced several charges for petty theft which include robbery because he didn’t want to ask his parents for money since he knew they didn’t have any. Bobby Brown also grew up believing that gangs were a part of his life until he saw one of his friends brutally murdered at the age of eleven. Many people believed that it wasn’t until Houston came into the picture that his problems increased but throughout his troubled childhood up until his relationships with many women to his marriage to Whitney Houston, Brown has always had severe addiction problems. Rehab might just be the answer for him and for the sake of a lifetime with his children.

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