Brad Pitt Splashes Out On A Private Jet For Angelina Jolie

To prove his love for Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt has bought her a private jet. It is so that the couple can see one another whilst Bradd Pitt is busy working on his new World War II movie, ‘Fury’ in London. This is such a romantic gesture and demonstrates the love they share together. The actor has splashed out a lot of money on this aircraft for his fiancee. Angelina Jolie has had a pilot’s licence since 2004. She loves the freedom that flying a plane gives her and can be with her love whilst they are working away from each other. Flying a jet is a quick way of visiting one another during their limited free time.


Meanwhile the brunette beauty is directing a war film called, ‘Unbroken’ in Hawaii. Unbroken is a story about surviving the odds, fighting back and redemption. It is a biography about World War II. The pair are very busy working and don’t get that much quality time together. So buying a private jet is a fantastic token of love for one another. Brad Pitt told his fiancee that she could choose the plane and he would pay for it. Angelina Jolie, who is 38, raises six children was inspired by the couple’s oldest son to get a pilot’s license because she wanted him to look upon her as a superhero.

When Angelina Jolie turned 38 Brad Pitt made a huge fuss of her buying her loads of knickers and bras from Agent Provocateur, designer togs and even a horse. He then gave her loads of gifts in Paris when the pair were attending a premiere of Brad’s horror movie, ‘World War Z’. A source has said that since Angelina Jolie recovered from her surgery, the pair were acting like love struck teenagers. This latest gift of a private jet is a massive way of telling Jolie that he loves her.

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