Britney Spears covers Harpers Bazaar June 2011 Issue

Britney Spears Harpers

Britney Spears is amazed about photoshop,he can’t really believe what this program can do!

On the fact that her new album, Femme Fatale, is receiving the best reviews of her almost-20-year career: “I’ve worked so hard on this album, so it’s really refreshing.”

On preparing for her upcoming tour: “I love to dance, so it’s very exciting. The tour rehearsals have been going really well. I think it will be my best show yet.”

On how being a mom affected how she approaches her career: “I think things through a little bit more, and I worry a lot. I’m more straightforward, and I speak up more than I did before. When I was younger, I wouldn’t speak up as much, but now that I’m a mom, things have changed.”

I feel exactly the same thing,concerning this miraculous program!

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